Our Philosophy


Aligning IT solutions with business strategy


In recent years a philosophical shift in how small businesses address their IT infrastructure has occurred. The risk associated with having an individual set up a network and then hoping nothing fails is too great. The break-fix model is a failure to plan, and as the old axiom reminds us, is planning to fail.  Furthermore, technology failures create an unpredictable environment for employees and customers.  In other words,  an IT outage will negatively impact your operations and branding. 

 A solution for how a business manages its technology can be created internally.  However, most small businesses don't have the demand nor the resources to hire full time IT personnel.  Our team at InfiNet Services offers full time IT management while you only pay for part time work.  Our processes protect your business from failures in your network, email server, CRM system, and accounting applications. 

Our partnership does not end with just keeping your business operational.  We understand that your business is dynamic and it's our responsibility to identifying opportunities to align your strategy with the right IT infrastructure.  To that point, we also understand that you just want your IT infrastructure to work.  We won't try to delight you with catch phrases or unnecessary "WOW" technology.  However, as new and applicable technologies become available, we will suggest value added amendments that will either improve your productivity or increase your capacity.